Mid Carolina Probe – Company Description (General 10-24-12)

At Mid-Carolina Probe we provide Geoprobe Services or Direct Push Technology (DPT), Environmental Well Drilling, and Chemical Injection or Site Remediation Services.

We collect soil and groundwater samples and most any Direct Push needs. We also install 1-inch, 2-inch, and 4-inch wells including Deep Wells or Type III Monitoring Wells.

We have rigs mounted on F-250, F-550, and Track Rigs. We also do chemical Injection using Geoprobe or DPT Services. We also provide Turn Key injection Services with several different Injection Trailers, which are specially designed for each job.

We mainly work in South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, and Tennessee. We have worked as far as Pennsylvania and New Jersey, but will work most anywhere on the east coast.

We have experience crews with 20 plus years experience. We are fully trained to work on Hazardous Sites and carry OSHA 40 hour and 8 hr training, Medical Surveillance, and Loss Prevention System or (LPS) and more training per request. We also have other
training and do other type work in the environmental field and are available upon request.

At Mid-Carolina Probe, Safety Awareness is very important and we use JSA’s for each task we do on the job site. We have a perfect Safety rating and our Experience Modification Rate or ERM is “0” or no losses since 2004. We are a small Business with less than 10 employees and carry all the necessary insurance and are bonded as well. Our insurance policies are larger than most due to the fact we work for larger firms and require additional insurance.

We are also on CCR Database, SCDHEC Web-Site as Certified Contractor, and are PICS approved contractor (picauditing.com)

Our prices are very competitive and lower than most and do quality work and a reasonable cost. We work very hard and safely. If given the chance I am sure you will be pleased with our work and pricing.

If you have any questions or need a quote please call Mike Woodward at (864) 752-5025 or email me at midcarolinaprobe@yahoo.com.

_Geoprobe Sampling, Environmental Drilling & Injection/
Remediation Services.